Mind-Blowing Truth About Boosting Health and Happiness

What if your feelings conveyed the instructions that activated your DNA and determined your health? What if your happiness was an effect of your dominant thoughts? What if your life was the result of your inner state? Though those might appear to be sound-bites from a New Age science fiction movie, scientific research is beginning to back them up. In this article, we’ll explore how you can shift your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to realize greater health and happiness. Continue reading →


10 Ways to Be Great Today

by Lori Deschene

Earlier this week I wrote a post about the pursuit of greatness. I highlighted how it can sometimes create stress when it manifests as fear that we’re not good enough and might never be.

In reviewing the reader comments, I felt a sense of deep appreciation for knowing so many truly great people. And I imagined there were far more of them who didn’t comment—some who may not realize just how great they are. Continue reading

How to Have Fun Like Children: 15 Joyful Tips

by Nat Nanton

“If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right.” ~Bob Basso

Every morning my daughter and I go for a twenty-minute walk to my workplace. For me, in those twenty minutes, I’m in transit. For my toddler, it’s nothing less than a parade of flowers, fire trucks, pebbles, and friendly folk. Continue reading


Connect with Joy Instead of Searching for Joy

by Mat Veni 

I spent years searching for joy. For a long time, I thought that if I did the same things I saw in movies and on TV, I’d become a joyful person.

I also learned from my environment that I’d be happy when I acquired enough material abundance. Continue reading


50 Amazing Gifts from Living In The Now

by Joseph Bernard

Recently something truly amazing happened. I was sitting at the beach feeling the warm winds, taking in the gleaming blue Pacific. It was the time of day when the sunlight turns the ocean into waves of sparkling radiance.

Continue reading


Guaranteed Happiness in 3 Steps

By Kirsten Long

There is a Secret

People seem to think that happiness is elusive and that you have to search for it.

Can you remember the kinds of things you did as a child that made you happy? Continue reading


How to Start a Gratitude Practice to Change Your Life

by Helen Russell

Somewhere in the distant past, out here in New Zealand, I recall someone saying to me “Be grateful for small mercies.”

Back in the 1950s, when I was a small girl, that meant being grateful for the simple things that made up the better part of my life.

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Laugh Your Way to Increased Health and Happiness

Laughter is free, fun, and good for your health. Here are some of the things laughter can do for you, and some ways to bring more joy into your life.

Improve your quality of life by laughing more. Laughter is good for your health and easy to share with everyone around you.

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Happiness Strategy #1 – Expressing Gratitude

Expressing gratitude for the things in your life is one of the easiest and most effective
strategies for creating consistent happiness.
It is impossible to be grateful and depressed at the same time. Scientists have proven
that those who express gratitude for their lives are much more likely to be happier than
those who are not grateful. Research conducted by Dr Robert Emmons at the University
of California-Davis found that people who kept a journal and wrote down five things that
they were grateful for every day enjoyed increased Continue reading


Happiness Strategy # 2 – Daily Fundamentals

I’m outrageously happy thanks mostly to a number of daily fundamental practices that i do every single day.
My fundamentals are the things that I know help me to be at my absolute best and live my life upholding my truest values and expressing my truest self.
They all connect me to Energy. I want to fulfill my purpose and fulfill my potentialities by providing the world with what I was born to give it, and to do that effectively it is imperative that I’m always at my absolute best. Continue reading