13 Reasons Why I Eat Paleo

This year, I went full paleo; eliminating dairy, cutting out regular cheat meals and making better food choices. By eating a stricter paleo diet I’ve never felt better. Check out my lucky 13 reasons why I eat paleo…

  1. No more bloating – I used to suffer from stomach pains after carb heavy meals. Since eating paleo these symptoms have completely disappeared. No more cramps, inflammation or shooting pains.
  2. Clearer skin – I used to have a constant spot which I thought would be with me forever. Now my skin looks and feels healthier. Paleo has succeeded where Clearasil couldn’t.
  3. Meals are more satisfying – I feel much more happier with a balanced, paleo meal. I hardly ever snack and only eat when I’m hungry. By having protein with every meal I’m kept full.
  4. More energy – Foods help sustain energy levels throughout the day with no afternoon slump. (Cutting out chronic cardio also helps).
  5. Shopping is easier – I don’t have to worry about reading food labels or hidden ingredients. Instead I am much more aware of what I’m eating and the effect it’s having on my body.
  6. No headaches – I can’t remember the last time I had one. This coming from someone who always woke up with my head throbbing. I felt like I was always having to take pain relief which I hated.
  7. Treats are more sensible – A treat for me is now a (paleo) dessert or a few squares of dark chocolate. I can eat these without feeling guilty. Lindt 90% is my new best friend.
  8. More confident about long-term health – Knowing what I eat now is helping protect against chronic illnesses later in life. I want to be healthy when I’m older and I feel like I could eat paleo for the rest of my life.
  9. More nutrients – I eat a wide assortment of foods. Different colours, varieties and all packed with a great range of beneficial nutrients and minerals.
  10. Better welfare for animals – I like to know that the animals were reared in good conditions. I try to buy grass-fed and free range where possible. I don’t want to see animals caged or force fed in industrial factories.
  11. No counting calories – Paleo doesn’t feel like a diet. I can happily eat great food at any meal without feeling like I am restricting or denying myself. There is more choice than you think.
  12. Better tasting food – I use more natural ingriedients than ever before and eat more produce that’s in season. I try to buy locally when I can. The food is higher quality and you can taste the difference.
  13. Less body fat – I have been able to shed excess body fat by eating paleo and am now able to maintain an easy and stable body weight. I eat what I want and don’t have to check the scales every day.

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