Develop the Power of a Prosperity Consciousness and Receive Anything You Want in Life!


A prosperity consciousness is something one must develop in order to become ultra-wealthy. Plain and simple, wealthy people have a prosperity consciousness. When you become truly wealthy, you’ll have all the money you desire, excellent relationships, good health, intelligence, and an understanding of the universe and/or God.

You can always tell when a wealthy person enters a room. There is this vibration, radiating from them that fills up the room. These people are all different shapes and sizes, colors, different personalities, ethnicities, and characters. But, the truth is rarely in the appearance of things. One common trait that all these success minded individuals have is a prosperity conscious.
Wealthy people develop a prosperity consciousness by thinking, speaking, feeling and acting, in exact opposite of poverty consciousness individuals. Wealthy people know that there is an infinite source of supply and that there is always enough for everyone.
These individuals focus on the “glass being half full” rather than being “half empty.” Optimism is in their nature, and when they want or need something, wealthy people know it can be created. They understand that their thoughts are the seeds they sow, and their results, are the harvest they reap.
If you think wealthy people do not experience problems or challenges in their life, you are wrong, way wrong!
Let me ask you these questions? Who do you think has more real estate problems? You or Donald Trump? Who do you think has more tax problems and payroll issues? You or Warren Buffet?
The difference in why they are wealthy and remain wealthy is in their consciousness, a prosperity consciousness.
If a wealthy person is experiencing a problem with the harvest and does not have enough fulfillment for their wants and needs, they understand that they’re the cause and begin to correct the issue.
Maybe their thoughts were insufficient? Or, maybe they did not properly prepare the land? They could of tried to “get” first instead of “give.” Whatever the result may be, that wealthy individual goes straight to the cause (their thoughts), analyzes their thoughts, then makes the necessary mental corrections and tries again.
Prosperous individuals expunge lack and limitation from their life and will avoid it at all cost. They will surround themselves with great thinkers, achievers, and uplifting people because they understand the negative and positive impact of outside sources.
Do I have a Prosperity Consciousness or Poverty Consciousness?
Being conscious of who you are, the thoughts you are thinking, and actions you are taking is key when creating the life you dreamed to live. Developing a prosperity consciousness will be necessary if you want to be wealthy and live a truly fulfilled life.
If you have any question as to where your consciousness lies, it’s not that hard to figure out. Look at your current results and analyze the consistent patterns through out your life. Here are some questions to help understand your position better:
•    What Am I doing………and why?
o    In my career?
o    For my relationships?
o    For my health?
o    For my mind?
•    Am I earning the income I dream of?
•    Am I comfortable, right now, in my work and relationships? (comfort is not good, by the way)
•    Is it my fault on why I can’t live the life I want? Or is it someone(s)/something(s) fault?
•    Is there enough for everyone?
Answering these questions honestly will take some courage because it is telling you who you are. Who ever you may be is irrelevant, because you can change, right now. All it takes is courage to make a shift in consciousness or your paradigm.
Your paradigm is the consistent thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviors, values, attitudes and beliefs that make up you, your identity. To develop a prosperity consciousness means to change your paradigm, or, most commonly known as your beliefs.
Your beliefs are the unconscious programs that are probably driving your current results. Some beliefs serve you, most do not. Beliefs are just old conditioned ways of thinking. They are passed down from generation to generation through families, associations with friends, relatives, teachers, coaches or anyone else that you admire or had an impact on your life. There are no bad beliefs and good beliefs. Rather, you should view them as whether this particular way of thinking serves me and my intentions, or does not.
Our subconscious mind (the unconscious) is driving almost all of our results and behaviors. The subconscious has no filter, it accepts everything without judgment that you let through and believe. If you want prosperity, wealth and success, it is very important to constantly monitor your thoughts and install beliefs that will only serve you and your vision.
Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? To monitor every thought! Fortunately, through repetition, we can create new habits and thought processes that serve us and automatically weed out the unwanted ones.
Picture beliefs like opened programs on the monitor of your computer screen. You have Microsoft word, outlook, the internet, notepad and solitaire all opened at once on your computer. When you minimize the programs, they remove from the monitor, but are still opened on the task bar by the start menu. They are still taking up RAM (a.k.a space in your subconscious) space on the computer. Since we want a clear path to wealth, those minimized programs have to be deleted and not exist.
Our beliefs are closely related to those minimized programs on the computer. Most of the time we do not even know that they exist. What we have to do is install new, empowering beliefs to push out those old minimized programs.
Empower Me!!
Changing your beliefs requires you to have an understanding of how and where you first acquired those beliefs. Then, install new beliefs that serve your vision, goals and relationships.
There is a great exercise I learned from “Money Magic”, by Deborah Price, what she calls Mother/Father mirroring exercise. This exercise is important because most of the time what we believe is passed down from our parents and grandparents.
Close your eyes and visualize the face of your mother. Get as detailed as possible. Now open them, and make a list of attributes, values, associations, attitudes and relationships that your mom has with money. Get as detailed as possible and make your writing a stream-of-consciousness process. Next, do the same with your father.
When you are done, begin to analyse your own values, relationships and attitudes with money. Again, make this a stream-of-consciousness exercise. Do not debate with yourself, just write down the first thing that comes to mind.
Begin with these questions:
•    Money is….
•    I believe money can….
•    Which aspects do I consider negative or positive?
Finally, take out a clean sheet of paper and write down new and empowering beliefs that support your vision, goals, relationships, health, etc.
Here are a few truths about money that you may want to adopt in your own belief system:
•    Money is an excellent servant.
•    I love people and use money.
•    Money is a magnetic, creative energy.
•    The more money I have, the more I can contribute.
•    Money is good.
•    Money is important in the fields that money operates in.
•    I can afford anything.
•    There is always enough money.
•    I am a magnet to money.
After you have your new empowering beliefs, write next to each belief an action that you will take or find a time in your life when this belief was true for you or someone you know. The point is to reinforce that particular belief to a truth in your life.
Remember, no reference is ever too small.
Listed below are some examples that I have seen, heard and/or experienced for myself of how prosperity conscious people handle situations, ideas, certain circumstances and the concept of money.
This person just lost $50,000 on an investment through a series of misjudgments. Most people call this a failure, pack their bags, and say “Oh well, guess it wasn’t meant for me after all, I’m done with this.” While a prosperity conscious person takes accountability for their situation, sees the so called “failure” as a learning experience, then finds a better way to succeed and tries again.
A Prosperity consciousness thinks “How can it be done”, not why it can’t.
A prosperous person sees potential problems as opportunities and looks for what is good in this situation.
Money is good, the more I have, the more I can contribute.


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