Guaranteed Happiness in 3 Steps

By Kirsten Long

There is a Secret

People seem to think that happiness is elusive and that you have to search for it.

Can you remember the kinds of things you did as a child that made you happy?

When I was a  child, I loved making things – creativity made me happy. I remember painting dolphins onto a TV tray for my grandmother – I was totally absorbed with what I was doing… and happy.

As a teenager at boarding school, I used to love getting up really early on a summer’s morning and sitting in the rose garden on my own – sometimes reading, sometimes just thinking… a peaceful, happy time.

What were the things that made you happy? Can you even remember?

“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Abraham Lincoln

Have You Lost Touch With Yourself?

The sad reality is that so many of us have lost touch, that we don’t really know what makes us happy. I often task clients to do one thing before our next session that makes them feel happy – and they often have no idea what to do.

Which is so sad, because the secret to happiness is doing things that make you happy.

If You Want to be Happier,

Do More of the Things that Make You Happy!

It’s as simple as that.

And as difficult as that!

Here’s What You Can Do

  1. Go Back: Take time to daydream and remember and make a list of those activities you used to love.
  2. Experiment: Choose to do something every week that you think may make you happy, and do it. Be very aware of your feelings when you are doing it. Feelings like being totally absorbed, time passing quickly, having total focus , feeling congruent, feeling content, feeling peaceful are also indications of happiness. Add anything, big or small,  that makes you feel happy, to the list you started in 1.
  3. Become aware: Stop yourself every few hours and make a note of what you are feeling. Add to the list anything that has “good” feelings associated with it.

Build a LONG List

Once you have built up a LONG list, (nothing to do with the fact that Kirsten LONG is your Coach 4 Life of course! ), then schedule a few things from the list every week. Put it in your diary.

The things that get scheduled are the things that get done!

Greatness and happiness are built on action.

When you start spending time on actions that make your spirits soar, you will reconnect to that elusive feeling of peace, fulfilment and happiness.

Go for it!


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