Seven Evenings without Electronics

In our busy world today, we scarcely realize how dependent we’ve become on technology, not only for work but also for spending our leisure hours at home.

Electronic devices were designed to make daily living easier and more enjoyable. Hardly a day goes by that we don’t use our cellular phones, stereos, laptops, televisions and other gadgets.

Of course, none of those were around in Cavemen Times. Life was a lot simpler then. Back in the day, people relied on their muscles and brains for both work and play.

Faced with spending a week without electronic conveniences—no TV, no telephone, no computers—how would we spend our evenings at home? Here are seven alternative and age-old activities you might want to consider.

1. Reading

What form of non-electronic evening entertainment is more enjoyable than reading? Books stimulate our brains, feed our imaginations and take us out of our everyday routines. Glowing monitors and TV screens can’t compete with the smell and feel of paper when flipping through the pages of a good novel.

2. Enjoying a Hobby

Hobbies provide great ways to occupy hours after sunset. You can collect stamps, make a scrapbook, assemble model cars or airplanes, play a musical instrument, or get creative and write a book, draw a sketch, invent something, paint a picture or come up with a new Paleo recipe. Hobbies can be made even more interesting, too, if you turn out the electric lights and do them by candlelight.

3. Playing

Evening activities can include board games, playing cards, doing puzzles, singing songs, challenges like charades or playful physical games, such as tag in the moonlight, hide and go seek or just rough-housing with the kids. There are even ways to have fun and get more healthy after dark, too, like night jogging, swimming or hiking.

4. Meditating

Simply sitting still, without the buzz, hum or whir of electronics, we rediscover life’s backdrop—The Silence. Here’s an opportunity to make the most of an evening, clearing the mind of its clutter. Look inward. Savor the moment. Enjoy the sounds of your own heartbeat and breathing. This is what it is to be alive. We remember our essence when we stop, look and listen.

5. Storytelling

Evening is the very best time to share tall tales or to listen to grandpa weave his magical stories, especially beside a burning fire. Great memories are made when recollections of the past and old parables are shared, leaving a lasting impression on our minds and souls. For a couple alone, sharing a good, long conversation can have the same wonderful effect.

6. Stargazing

A luxury we tend overlook is just above us. The stars! In a night sky unaffected by light pollution, the constellations reveal their secrets and the Milky Way reminds us of our place in the universe. An evening spent looking for comets and meteor showers or just studying the lunar surface can be educational, lifting our spirits at the same time.

7. Building a Bonfire

Dancing flames bring us back to our primal memories. The comforting and meditative properties of fire make for a great place to gather and relax. Invite the entire neighborhood over and make a party of it. No DVD can match that.

There’s no need to wait for a power outage to put some of these evening activities into effect. Nothing beats spending good old-fashioned quality time with your family, loved ones and good friends. Why not do it tonight?


One thought on “Seven Evenings without Electronics

  1. I adore this post! Last year the power went out when my (then) teen son and I were watching a movie. So we lit candles and ended up playing a board game and laughed and bonded more than we had in months! Now we have a pretend power-outage every now and then to play games and such. But how could I forget about the joy of our backyard firepit? And to really spend time stargazing, not just admiring the night sky while waiting for the dog to do her business and come back inside. And storytelling, reading, hobbies… these are all excellent ideas. This is a wonderful article. Thank you so much! Happy to have found your blog. Hugs, Gina

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