How to Love Yourself and Change Completely In 7 Key Steps

You are the Creator of Your Own Life

Not until we truly and completely love ourselves, are we able to love others unconditionally.
You alone have the power to create either a positive and negative attitude. The way you feel about yourself is the result of the way you think. Once you change your thinking you change your life. When love pours out of you, you are happy. When you unlearn all the criticism, negativity and beliefs that you have already learned to this point, you will begin a wonderful transformation – one that will give you a deeper meaning of your life and a joy which you will want to share with everyone you meet – love!

The 7 Key Steps

1.  Awareness

This first step is to make yourself aware of the benefits of learning to love yourself. Your overall health, both physical and mental improves. You will become a happier person. In learning to love and appreciate yourself, you are learning how to love and appreciate others. This is the pathway to peace and joy.

2. Change your thinking

We must learn the truth about who we really are. We grow up believing lies about who we  are. All the messages we ever hear such as “I am not perfect, I’m not okay, I’m not the way I should be”, we tend to accept and believe. This is when we stop loving ourselves and begin pretending to be something we are not.

It’s time to stop listening to all the old messages taught to us during our childhood and young adult life. These messages are negative, crippling and label us as long as we accept them.
They are very powerful and can affect our behavior and thinking unless we erase them. We must replace limiting thinking with empowering thoughts. This is one of the most important steps for learning how to love ourselves

Empower Yourself with Positive Thinking

3. Become as a little child.
Children are completely authentic and live their true nature. They forgive quickly, hold no grudges and are not judgmental. Children have no problem with loving themselves.

4. Stop judging and rejecting yourself.
Make a list of all of your good qualities. This is not bragging – this is necessary for recognizing your self worth. Do not allow your mind to bring up any negative points. Concentrate only on the good qualities.
You may presently have a distorted image of yourself. As you learn the art and truth of self love, your self image will change.

5. Forgive yourself.
If and when you feel the need to forgive yourself for present or past mistakes, do it immediately. Then – forget it. Don’t live in the past, dwelling on
every wrong-doing. Let the past remain in the past. Direct your thoughts to the present and refrain from bringing them up again.

6. Believe in yourself.
You have the power to believe whatever you choose. When you believe love, happiness, peace and harmony you have consciously decided to love yourself. You no longer choose drama. You no longer choose self abuse. You have a choice in what you think – it’s a habit. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will. Your success begins with your own self confidence. Begin now to see yourself as the person you want to become. Don’t look back – look ahead.

Always Be True To Yourself

The Final Step – Acceptance

7. Acceptance

This is perhaps the most difficult step to conquer. You may live with the feeling that you are not good enough, whether it’s for someone else or for yourself.  Exam your self expectations. They may be too high or unrealistic. Get in touch with the “child within” and doing so will help you to be more accepting of yourself. The inner child needs to be nourished, loved and appreciated.

Part of learning to accept yourself is to live in the moment. Do not be concerned with tomorrow. You will find that the best moments in your life are when you are being true to yourself, when you are being authentic, when you are being you.



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