Do you talk about your dreams?

What you are going to accomplish some day.

Where you will be in the future.

You can talk all you want, but it’s not going to bring your dreams any closer to reality.

Talk Is Cheap, Dreams Cost

There is a big difference between talking about your dreams and making them happen.

Talking about goals is easy.

Doing something about them is hard.

Sadly, most people never get past the talking part.

No one ever accomplished their dreams sitting around talking about them.
While you are at the water-cooler talking about what you are going to do,
Others are outside doing amazing things…

Talk is cheap.

Dreams however, are not free.

You have to pay for your Dreams with:

– Time

– Effort

– Action

– Practice

– Sweat

– Discomfort

– Risk

– Money

– Fear

– Discipline

– Sacrifice

Yet, talk is not on the list.

Deeds Not Words

Stop the talking.

Start the doing.

Go outside, and do something today for your dreams.

Question: What do you need to DO for your dreams? What’s stopping you?


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