Cleaning the Home

Keeping our homes clean and fresh can seem like a never-ending and often thankless task

We have become a society with very little practical home skills. Cooking, cleaning, and DIY are alien concepts to many. We are looking for the magic product that can clean our home without any effort from us.

Manufacturers have picked up on this, hence the aisle upon aisle of products in  upermarkets to help clean ourhome with minimum effort … but maximum expense.

Some products are good, some bad and some totally unnecessary. If you want your house looking good but don’t want to put any effort in – employ a cleaner, otherwise you will have to use a bit of elbow grease and get stuck in

Further reading

The UK Cleaning Products Industry Association has published a discussion paper, Meeting Natural Expectations, which is available to download from or, if you prefer a printed copy, email

Below, I highlight cleaning tips using store cupboard products. You will be surprised at the results. They not only save you money, but they may be better for your health and the environment. If I have not done enough to convince you and you’re still yearning for your branded goods, why not try downshifting to supermarket-own brands.


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