Can You Really Attract Into Your Life Anything You Want?

Can you really attract into your life anything you want?
Can you really use the power of your thoughts and imagination to create what you want?
Does the law of attraction really work?
Are all the claims of people who write and teach about the law of attraction true?

If you followed the instructions found in books or articles, you might have sometimes succeeded, and sometimed you did not. It is also possible that some of you could not succeed at all, and quit this subject, with a feeling of disappointed.

Why some people succeed, and some don’t? If the law of attraction is a law of nature, why it sometimes works, and sometimes it doesn’t? Can you really attract into your life anything you want?

The answer is simple.

Not every article or book provides the necessary instructions for correctly using the law of attraction.

People tend to skip instructions.

It is not enough just to visualize. You must also have a strong desire, an open mind to recognize opportunities, and have the courage and willingness to use them.

How many times did you say or think you wanted something, but you didn’t really want it? The law of attraction, which is one of the fundamentals of creative visualization, requires some work and action, not just thinking for a few minutes and waiting for miracles to happen.

There is another point you should be thinking about. Even though most people want to be rich, how many really and truly want o be very rich and have a rich lifestyle? How many would accept all the responsibilities and activities entailed? Subconsciously, they might be afraid to be rich, due to negative mental programming.

Do you want to have billions of dollars? Can you really manage this sum of money? Let’s leave aside lotteries, where will the money come from? If you visualize a lot of money, and really believe you can have it, how is it going to arrive? It might arrive by implementing ideas that could come into your mind. You might be offered a new job, or an opportunity might pop up. But will you be willing and ready to take action?

Great amounts of money are done through business, but not everyone is qualified for business, or wants to make business. How visualizing a lot of money, and not wanting to do anything about it, is going to bring it to you?

Every accomplished goal and dream bring responsibilities, changes your lifestyle, and requires certain actions, certain tasks, and certain skills. You need first to analyze and think if you are willing and able to take these responsibilities, and whether you have the skills. Of course, if you don’t have the skills, but your desire is strong, you can always develop the necessary skills.

The law of attraction and creative visualization do work, but you have to use common sense when using them.

  • You need to be sure that you really want what you are visualizing.
  • You must have a strong desire.
  • You have to add feelings into your mental images.
  • You have to visualize several times a day.
  • You need to treat this subject seriously, and be willing to invest the necessary time and energy.
  • Not all books are equal, and not all give you all the necessary steps. You will need to read several books to understand this subject.
  • In the beginning, choose small, simple, everyday goals, and only when you get experience and faith try to do bigger things.
  • It is a good idea to imagine yourself in the situation you want to create, before starting to work on it, and ask yourself if you really want it, and whether you feel comfortable in this situation.

Take action, when action is required. Don’t just visualize and forget about it, thinking that you don’t have to do anything. Creative visualization and the law attraction can sometimes work in miraculous ways, but in many cases, you will be required to act. If you are too lazy, or expect miracles, with no effort on your part, you might lead yourself to disappointment. Look at the successful people in the world, do they just dream, or do they also act, strive, and work to make their dreams and goals come true?

There are a lot of articles and books about this subject, some useful, and some less useful. If you browse through this website and blog, you will find many articles on this subject, as well as the book Visualize and Achieve, where I wrote and explained this subject clearly and in a simple language. It is a book focusing on practical information, showing step-by-step what to and how. It is actually a textbook for teaching how to use creative visualization to attract into your life what you want.


One thought on “Can You Really Attract Into Your Life Anything You Want?

  1. Great advice. I think many people try this as a sort of experiment, instead of truly trusting that once somethng is visualized it “is”, which ofcourse includes all of the negatives we visualize. The people that are really successful using visualization don’t doubt that it works. It’s not an easy place to get to though.

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